Sarah Shaw, who did that Daughter sleeve art

A hometown exhibition, 09/04 to 11/06/2022, at the temporary home of Huddersfield Art Gallery for the artist referred to by Kirklees Council as a “rockstar favourite”. Apparently you qualify for that title if Ronnie Wood and Thom Yorke own your paintings. Great stuff – abstract works with ambiguous figures. Quite moving, some of it. The hits of Beyoncé and Little Mix audible in the gallery from the Piazza outside weren’t too distracting. As for the sleeve art Sarah did for the Daughter album “Not to Disappear” (pictured), the story’s here: and there’s a Q&A between Sarah and the band here: There is, of course, so much more to her work than that project, but it was a great gig to get, putting her work among the fine 4AD sleeves Vaughan Oliver did for the Pixies, This Mortal Coil, Breeders, Lush, Throwing Muses, Pale Saints etc. Also of note, Sarah listens to Pavement in her studio. And with that, I have shoehorned as many contrived musical references as possible into a blog that’s not supposed to be about paintings.

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